About us

In today's life, time is of the essence. Imagine if you could spend every single moment of your precious time on your day off with your family and loved ones without having to worry about running through your local departmental stores to pick up your groceries and other daily needs. That would be wonderful, right?

This is where MrKirana comes in. MrKirana helps you save both your time and money. We help you in getting your groceries and daily household supplies online without having to worry about any of the tensions and problems associated with shopping groceries in the physical market.

What are the things customers have in mind while buying their groceries? While some people want discounts , their are some who are more concerned about their time and effort. But in physical marketplaces, you can get only one of them. We at MrKirana help you get the best of both of them.

Our business is not just about making your shopping convenient, we also help you save some money. Products sold by MrKirana are much cheaper than your local store and we also provide additional discounts through special schemes and coupons. And yes, we guarantee both high quality and great delivery services. We sell products from trusted brands and all our products are checked for quality.

So be it staples, dairy, vegetables, personal care, home care or anything else related to household supplies, MrKirana promises to bring high quality products to you at better prices, with the convenience of free delivery at your door-step!